Incoming Clicks Statistics

Up until now our app statistics page reported on the clicks originating from your app. That was probably not the most interesting metric for you. Way more interesting is how many clicks did you get on your ads displayed in other apps. Now you can learn just that.


Keep in mind that we track Marketplace clicks in unobtrusive way. Meaning that the click is only tracked when user returns to the app where he/she clicked on the ad. If the user never returns to the app, the click is not registered in the system. So, the actual number of clicks (both incoming and outgoing) is most definitely higher than reported.

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  • Is this out the stats work?…

    Outgoing = someone click on the ad in my game
    Incomming = someone click on my ad in another game.
    Active Installs = number of unique user per day

  • Yes. Exactly.